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Assessing Your Talents and Preparing for the Job Search

5.12 Solutions

Have you been laid-off or outsourced more than once due to mergers and acquisitions or the economy? Are you in a dead-end job that doesn’t utilize your skills and talents? Are you in an organizational culture that doesn’t match your style? Are you uncertain about how best to market yourself and find work that’s right for you?

During this webinar you will learn:

  • About the cycle of change and how to cope with change and develop resilience
  • Why you are available on the market and how to communicate that in a way that makes a positive impact
  • The Iceberg Model of values and the importance of aligning your personal values with a career path
  • How to define your Talents, Skills, and Strengths (Self-employed portfolio of skills)
  • About your DiSC style of behavior and the implications of your behavioral preferences and priorities during the search process
  • About your natural strengths as a result of your behavioral style and how to match those strengths with career choices