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Communicating Up

Vital Learning

Most managers and team leaders realize the importance of upward communication, but few accept the responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of communicating with their own managers. Managers and team leaders will learn how to frame communication so that a desired result is achieved.

Communicating Up helps managers learn the process required for informative and productive dialogs that will be valued by more senior managers. Throughout the workshop, they will review video presentations and case studies, participate in group discussions, practice new skills, and receive immediate feedback. Managers leave with implementations tools, troubleshooting guides and additional resources to help them apply the skills they have learned on the job. The 4-5 hour workshop is designed for 6-18 participants and includes the following:
• Understanding Your Manager’s Communication Style
• Delivering Bad News
• Communicating Your Group’s Accomplishments
• Getting Your Manager’s Time and Attention

Understand the importance of framing all communication with their manager in terms of his/her self-interest.

Enter meetings with their manager armed with a well-thought-out and clearly stated

Clearly link their objective with facts that support their plans and goals.

Work with their manager to
uncover any questions or reservations he/she may have concerning their message.

Move conversations toward agreement with questions that focus on benefits to be gained when the objective is reached.

Clearly and concisely restate the decision that result from Communicating Up and insure that those decisions are mutually understood.