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Developing and Coaching Others

Developing and Coaching Others is about how managers can effectively and successfully develop and coach their team members to become better and more consistent performers. The program will help your managers learn the specifics of how they can effectively impact the learning process and coaching moments of their teams to make the difference.

Developing and Coaching Others concentrates on two primary skill sets:

• How to effectively support professional development -Leaders learn how critical they are to the learning process of their employees. They gain an understanding of the critical role they play in whether or not their employees actually apply training and change behavior. Leaders learn specific actions they can take to ensure training isn’t wasted, and that it achieves observable and measurable improvements in job performance well beyond the classroom.
• How to effectively reinforce professional development – Leaders learn specific skills and strategies for applying the “Coaching Moments” model, a model that enables leaders to effectively help their people learn how to improve their performance on the job.
These two specific skill sets are critical if an organization seeks observable results in performance change as a result of training.