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Effective Discipline

Vital Learning

Discussing work performance, especially when that performance does not meet expectations, can be difficult. No one likes to get negative feedback – and giving it can be just as unappealing. But disciplining team members, and eliminating performance problems, is a critical management skill. Like most management skills, it’s a skill that must be developed to be effective.

Effective Discipline provides the tools necessary to dramatically reduce problem behaviors. By involving team members in performance discussions and gaining their commitment to behavioral change, managers can turn a potentially negative interaction into a positive developmental step.

Effective Discipline helps managers learn effective techniques for addressing problem behavior. Using communication skills, the manager works to preserve the individual’s self-respect and encourage the best kind of discipline – self-discipline.

Use the techniques of effective discipline to eliminate problem behavior.

Communicate concerns in terms of behavior rather than perception or opinion.

Minimize defensiveness and focus on solutions.

Reduce conflict avoidance behaviors that undermine team morale, impact perceived fairness and impede overall productivity.

Review performance to make sure the problem is resolved.

Recognize the importance of team member participation in defining the problems and solutions.