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Everything DiSC® Facilitation System

Facilitator Kit

An Entirely New Kind of Facilitation Toolkit
The Everything DiSC® Facilitation System is the most powerful tool ever built to help you succeed with DiSC. The result of over 25 years of DiSC research, the Everything DiSC Facilitation System offers a new versatility in crafting solutions for a wide variety of organizational issues.

The Everything DiSC Facilitation System’s powerful features include:

The modular design helps consultants and trainers, from novice to advanced, create DiSC-based solutions of any scope — fast!

The powerful combination of Course Outlines and Insight Modules gets you up and running with a wide variety of DiSC solutions right out of the box.

Experiential Learning.
The Everything DiSC Facilitation System includes more than 20 individual and group exercises, plus alternative activities that let you tailor programs to your style and the needs of your audience.

Wide Scope.
Eight major DiSC tools are built right in.

Integrated Technology.
Customize your seminars and lend a professional edge with over one hour of new training video, more than 100 professionally designed, customizable PowerPoint slides, professional designed handouts, powerPoint and handout templates, and sample reports for all online DiSC products.

Create Simple, Effective, DiSC Based Solutions
The Everything DiSC Facilitation System is built on a series of Insight Modules that help facilitate specific outcomes, or “insights,” using a broad range of DiSC-based reports and tools.

Integrated DVD Adds Impact
The Everything DiSC DVD is the video companion to the Everything DiSC Facilitation System. The Insight Modules include facilitation of the major portions of the DVD, or you can easily incorporate it into your existing DiSC training.