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Ignite! Facilitator's Guide

Conduct the People-First Leadership™ Development Program within your organization using all of our turn-key facilitation materials below, including a scripted facilitator's guide, participant workbook, and the book Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders.

The People-Frst Leadership™ Development Facilitator's Guide and participant workbook provides trainers, coaches, and managers with all the tools they need to run a multi-day or multi-month leadership development program based on the People-First Leadership™ model outlined in Sal Silvester's book Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders.

These are the same materials we use in our 6-12 month leadership development programs. The Facilitator's Guide includes: 

  • Overview of the People-First Leadership™ model
  • Considerations for preparing for and delivering a leadership development program
  • Scripted talking points that guide the facilitator through a full-day, multi-day, and even up to a 6-9 month leadership development program
  • Outline and question flow for three 1-1 coaching sessions with the program facilitator/coach
  • Customizable power point slides
  • One participant workbook*
  • A poster of the People-First Leadership™ model
*A participant workbook is required for all workshop/program participants.