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Providing Performance Feedback

Vital Learning

We all want to know how we’re doing. Even though we constantly self-evaluate our performance, we really can’t improve at our job unless someone else takes the time to point out the strengths and weaknesses in our work. Because they are fully aware of the performance level required of their team members, managers have the responsibility to put in place a process that will help improve performance and maintain good team relations.

For the performance feedback process to work successfully, it must be collaborative. If it is, both parties in a session will see the situation from the same point of view and agree on what needs improvement. The final step will be mutual commitment to the agreed-upon change. Properly implemented, the performance feedback process leaves no bad feelings generated or experienced on either side of the discussion.

Our experience has proven that this fair and fact-based collaborative model for feedback sessions is the best way to lower the pain and improve the gain from a challenging but important part of every manager’s role. Because Providing Performance Feedback is collaborative, team members intuitively agree to the process and give their full commitment to its success.

Providing Performance Feedback (PPF) provides the tools required to adjust individual performance. With its focus on logical processes and reasonable commitments, PPF can help even experienced managers evaluate and improve performance more effectively. Using the PPF process with their team members, managers demonstrate their commitment to an open and consistent performance improvement process.

Providing Performance Feedback helps managers learn a systematic, fact-based approach to performance improvement through quality feedback.

Base assessments on facts and behavior.

Assess performance.

Use positive feedback to motivate team members.

Gain team member participation in assessment.

Gain team member agreement with the assessment.

Gain team member commitment to the change needed to improve performance.