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STAR Service

STAR Service is a new, powerful, program designed to address the opportunity to improve customer experiences. Your employees will learn the process and skills they need to provide customers with Positive Memorable Experiences. The clear, practical, four-step STAR Service Process™, coupled with the communication skills taught in the workshop, will help your employees not only to transform negative and neutral customer experiences to positive and memorable transactions but also to reaffirm and enhance long-term relationships, the foundation of business success.

STAR Service was developed to meet three objectives:
1. Uniquely enable service providers to use the process and skills to consistently create Positive Memorable Experiences for your customers.
2. Provide your service providers with the focus and strategy they need to reaffirm relationships with customers, which, when done well, will increase retention, expand customer relationships, and drive customer referrals to increased levels.
3. Respect time constraints for service personnel and cover the course in just four-hours so that all personnel involved with service in your organizations to be able to learn from this workshop.

Increase consistency in creating Positive Memorable Customer Service Experiences for your customers.

Increase customer retention.

Expand business relationships.

Drive an increase in customer referrals.