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Winning Through Customer Service

Customer-Oriented Selling (COS) is the most comprehensive and flexible sales development program available in the marketplace today. Your sales force will learn how to build successful business relationships by helping customers achieve both their business and personal objectives.

COS teaches a consultative process for developing, understanding and agreement between the customer and your salespeople throughout the sales process. It’s a logical, non-manipulative approach that works. COS develops proven selling skills while teaching your salespeople to be responsive consultants—individuals sincerely interested in helping to achieve the business objectives of their customers with your products or services.

Who In Your Organization Will Benefit? New and experienced salespeople, sales managers, and marketing personnel. The flexibility of one-, two-, and three-day implementation options enable you to tailor the delivery of COS to your specific audience.

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to Customer-Oriented Selling
Provides an overview of the COS Program content and sales process.

Unit 2: Focusing on the Customer
Introduces concepts that are the foundation of Customer-Oriented Selling.
• The customer’s perspective described by customer situation factors and customer objectives.
• The customer-focused skills of questioning, listening, and verifying.

Unit 3: The COS Sales Process
Covers the steps in each of the four phases of the sales process. These phases include: opening the call, determining customer objectives and situation factors, presenting recommendations using the objective-benefit-feature (OBF) concept, and obtaining customer commitments. Customer focused skills, taught in Unit 2, are reinforced throughout this unit. Role-plays customized to your sales environment are a key activity in this unit.

Unit 4: Managing Sales Obstacles
Covers the processes and skills used to identify four types of sales obstacles. Participants are taught how to respond to these obstacles and then return to the sales process.

Unit 5: COS Call Planning
Call Planning applies the ideas, skills, and terminology learned in Units 1-4 to plan upcoming calls. COS Call Planning covers developing a customer profile, outlining a call plan, and conducting post-call analysis. This unit also contains an optional Final Role-Play Exercise.