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Vital Learning

Delegating provides the tools necessary to develop messages that communicate the “what” and the “why” of every delegated task. Focusing on ensuring that the individual understands what is required helps facilitate a successful result – the work is done correctly, and the individual gains the benefits of a new experience and increased confidence and responsibility.

Delegating helps managers master the skills needed to effectively assign work to others. By clearly communicating expectations and encouraging participation and involvement, managers can use delegating to develop team members’ skills and abilities. Throughout
the workshop, managers will review video presentations and case studies, participate in group discussions, practice new skills, and receive immediate feedback. Managers leave with implementation
tools, troubleshooting guides and additional resources to help them apply the skills they have learned on the job. The 4-hour workshop is
designed for 6–18 participants and includes the following:
• Why delegating is important
• How to become an effective delegator
• How to determine what to – and what not to-delegate
• Benefits of delegation

Understand the role of delegation in time management, resource utilization, job satisfaction and overall team productivity.

Use a delegation process that ensures team member participation, involvement, and success so that what needs to be done gets done – properly and on time.

Establish a team member’s responsibility and authority for a delegated task – creating a framework for accountability and personal growth.