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Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Vital Learning

It’s always easy to talk about vision, mission, strategy and goals; however, it’s also almost impossible to expect your team members to do their jobs in a way that really aligns with organizational goals unless they have a well-defined process that you implement.

That alignment is best accomplished through the establishment of a SMART-based performance standard. What’s a SMART standard? It’s one that’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, and Time-framed.

Developing Performance Goals and Standards (DPG&S) provides the tools necessary to align the individual with the performance requirements of the organization. With its focus on logical processes and reasonable commitments, DPG&S can help even experienced managers build a more
effective process for goal creation, clear work standards, and better job performance. By using SMART with their team members, managers demonstrate their commitment to an open and consistent performance improvement process.

Build team member commitment through collaborative planning of performance goals.

Align team members with key business goals and priorities through focused goals and standards.

Assure the clarity and measurability of performance goals/objectives through SMART-based standards.

Achieve high quality, on-time performance through team members able to judge and self-correct their work.

Observe, coach, support and evaluate performance through clear, measurable performance standards.