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Essential Skills of Leadership

Vital Learning

Essential Skills of Leadership (ESL) is the first step to developing successful managers. By focusing on three critical management skills, the program establishes a methodology for productive interactions between team members and team leaders. ESL helps experienced managers, new managers, and aspiring managers refocus on the basics – the skills required to manage the individual while also leading the team.

Essential Skills of Leadership builds a foundation that enables
managers to manage their team toward to a shared goal: achieving the organization’s strategic objectives.

Maintain or Enhance Team Member Self- Esteem
Develops the critical skills necessary to effectively delegate, evaluate performance, correct work habits, deal with complaints, and resolve conflicts while supporting a team member’s sense of self-respect and dignity.

Focus on Behavior
Problems on the job are solved more effectively and less stressfully when a manager deals with what people do rather than with their attitudes or personal characteristics.

Encourage Team Member Participation
Involving team members in decision-making, problem solving and other activities is one of the most powerful motivational tools.

Deal with team members on a day-to-day basis in such a way as to maintain and enhance their self- esteem.

Base discussions about performance and work habits on behavior rather than on personalities and attitudes.

Involve team members in goal setting, problem solving and decision- making.