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Resolving Conflicts

Vital Learning

Diverse work teams can mean enhanced creativity with exceptional outcomes. They can also mean conflict as individuals bring different personalities and work styles to the table. Managing those differences quickly and effectively can mean the difference between a minor “bump-in-the-road” and lost productivity – a loss that can impact the entire organization.

Resolving Conflicts provides the tools needed to recognize conflict and deal with it quickly and effectively. By understanding the signs of conflict and by getting to the root cause, managers can eliminate the issue and minimize the impact. Facing these conflicts head-on allows the manager to preserve the integrity of the team and to demonstrate a commitment to individual performance and growth.

Resolving Conflicts helps managers develop skills to identify the source of team member conflicts. Using effective communication and management techniques, managers can help individuals understand another point of view and move beyond the conflict.

Accept conflict as an inevitable part of all work situations and deal with it in order to maintain individual and team focus and productivity.

Recognize the positive and negative impacts of conflicts and leverage conflict to everyone’s advantage.

Distinguish between the two major sources of conflict so that they it can be resolved fairly and effectively.

Establish a cooperative atmosphere to resolve conflicts when they arise.