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Gaining Commitments to Action/Closing

CRK Interactive

In this course we will discuss a variety of techniques for gaining little commitments from a prospect to advance the sale. You will learn the difference between low pressure and high pressure closing styles, also, how to recognize buying signals from your prospect, and how to deal with them. We will see what closing method is most effective with different personality styles. We will also discuss what to do if the prospect says “no thanks” and how to overcome objections when closing.

1. Sales Professionals
2. Account Managers
3. Anyone selling to customers

Includes 8 Lessons (Approx. 1.5 hours):
1. How to Use This Course
2. Introduction
3. Trial Closing
4. Buying Signals vs. Danger Signals
5. Asking For the Order
6. Perseverance
7. Closing Styles and Behavioral Styles
8. Knowledge Assessment